Hässöeholm's Silver Weibull is the local business on the global and changeable sugar market.

Skåne may not be well known worldwide but our inventiveness is. This is the home of the milk carton, portable phone, Bluetooth and kidney dialysis. Inventions and inventive people that help keep...

The work on the gigantic research facility outside of Lund that is expected to become a world-leading research centre for natural sciences and technology has begun.

A sense of what’s local, competence, and a love for flavoursome beer: in a renovated cowshed cowshed outside Kristianstad, three friends produce Klackabacken’s craftbeer.

From Tetra Pak to the invisible bike helmet Hövding – revolutionizing innovations have characterized Skåne’s history and continue to shape the region, making it a creative and much talked-about place.

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