Skåne’s game development industry is stronger than ever. We met up with a few of the most influential players in the region. Meet the producers of Candy Crush, Quizboard och World in Conflict.

Massive's blockbuster World in Conflict has sold millions of copies worldwide. From its Malmö base, it is a global player currently readying itself for the next step: a revolution in internet connectivity.

The game developers of southern Sweden are at the forefront of a fast moving industry. Innovation is at their core; they develop games for all platforms, and are early explorers and adopters of...

Do you want to learn and get hands on advice from experts and founders from startups such as Facebook, Dropbox and AirBnB? Join Malmö Startups and LTH in Lund!

Winner of major inventor award Skapa-priset 2014, Skype entrepreneur Niklas Zennström as an investor and CNN as a media admirer: Orbital Systems are ready for a global launch.

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